Amber Hairston discovered her vocal gift at a young age one day while playing church with her brother in rural Virginia. Coming from a family of singers and musicians, Amber has always had a strong connection to writing and performing music.

Amber began writing in her free time when she was just 19 years old. Inspired by the sounds and performances of Beyonce and Jazmine Sullivan, Amber’s music is relatable and intended to heal herself and her listeners. She has performed everywhere from weddings, and churches to birthday parties and sporting events. Amber was even asked to perform for the president of her alma mater. To date, her most notable performance was opening up for Le’Andria Johnson, a gospel singer/songwriter and the season three winner of BET’s Sunday Best.

Amber feels the most connected to her music when she is going through emotional times. The meaning behind her lyrics is deeper than the surface level sound. Her song, ‘Find Me,’ was dedicated to the men who have broken her heart in the past and how she has not allowed those heartbreaks to stop her from finding true love. She continued to share her love story through her music by releasing ‘Flutterby,’ which represented the love she wishes to feel while in a relationship. Amber is an upcoming songwriter and penned her most recent single ‘4Eva’ which was released in November 2020. Previously, Amber has worked with more established songwriters including Givenchy Royal and Elizmi Haze. Amber’s vocal style is a fusion of sexy soul with a sultry texture reminiscent of great R&B divas of the past.

Amber signed with One Crown Music Group in November 2020 and is the first female artist on the label’s roster. Amber’s gift has been shared with her family and friends for years, but now she aspires to share her gift with the world by touching millions of hearts around the world.
To follow the journey in real time, visit Amber on Instagram (@officialamberhairston).